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Michael Campbell is a singer-songwriter known for purposeful melody and evocative storytelling in the likes of Marshall Crenshaw, Paul Simon and James Taylor. An original member of The Corner Boys, his later solo albums include Anything for You (1990), Arborville (1993) and Used Without Permission (1998). His newest album, My Turn Now, was released March 2015.


Michael Campbell was raised musically by the best pop singer-songwriters of the ’70s: James Taylor, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Jim Croce. (He can still play just about every Bread song.) Wailing on an old Stratocaster he glued together from pieces, his first collaboration was a garage band which never got far from the garage. His dirty secret was sneaking off every weekend to join a group of guys thirty years older in a country band that had a great following and solid gigs. It was there he gained a respect for good song structure, purposeful melody, and evocative storytelling—all from the country artists of old.

Campbell found musical success and radio play with The Corner Boys, a trio of songwriters with whom he recorded Pull of The Moon, his first foray into entirely original music. Three solo albums followed: Anything for You (1990), Arborville (1993) and Used Without Permission (1998). With his McBand, he was a featured artist on the TV series 33rd Street Sessions, and at one point was asked by Pampers to compose a soundtrack for a diaper-training video. (The song "Do Like The Big Folks Do" is on the UWP record.) His newest album, My Turn Now, was released March 2015.

In 2006 Campbell was the featured guest artist on the nationally syndicated radio show River City Folk.

Campbell founded Mick's Music & Bar, an Omaha music venue that quickly earned a national reputation for hosting top-notch touring singer-songwriters. He is currently a humor columnist for Food & Spirits Magazine, where his “Dumpster” column closes every issue. His first book of essays, Are You Going To Eat That, was published in 2010, followed by Of Mice and Me in 2017, a collection of 70 all new essays. His sense of humor is evident in both his songs and his stage banter, which is half the fun of every performance.

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