Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Analog Man

Okay, this satirical favorite is actually on the Used Without Permission CD. But even after all these years (and lots of technical updates) people ask about this song. So here: have a free listen.

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Are You Going To Eat That? paperback

"Melanie McGuire was indicted for murdering her husband, after he washed ashore, in parts, on the Virginia coast, neatly packed into three trunks of his own monogrammed luggage." Only Michael Campbell can make this true event spit-out-your-coffee funny in Are You...

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Of Mice and Me paperback

Using astrology to help you vote. What to eat for your last day on Earth. Kissing Jesus on the lips. Being a pall-bearer for a man he’s never met. Hanging out with friends who happen to be mice. Campbell offers seventy all new stories, mouse tales, and more. They’re...

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Santa’s Coming

Hey, Santa needs lovin' too. This novelty parody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is still okay to play in front of your kids. Recorded for Christmas Tracks II, a benefit for the Nebraska Humane Society.

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