Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Analog Man

Okay, this satirical favorite is actually on the Used Without Permission CD. But even after all these years (and lots of technical updates) people ask about this song. So here: have a free listen.

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Arborville CD

Hear the complete studio version of songs performed on the 33rd Street Sessions TV show. Love Got in My Way, Arborville, Stay True to Me, Take Control, Melanie, Go Away, Polly, Promises, Can't Take it Away, Down to You and Me, Don't Cry, I Don't Want to Get Older, and...

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My Turn Now deluxe CD

New! Deluxe 3-panel CD includes huge fold-out lyric sheet including a cheat-sheet to those pesky trivia questions in the title song. Songs include My Turn Now, Into the Night, That Was Then, A Heartbeat Away, 500 Miles Left to Yankton, Out of Sight, Why'd We Let the...

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Santa’s Coming

Hey, Santa needs lovin' too. This novelty parody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is still okay to play in front of your kids. Recorded for Christmas Tracks II, a benefit for the Nebraska Humane Society.

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