Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Bone Phone

I don't want to be the crotchety old guy reminiscing about the Good Old Days, but when it comes to phones, we're going backwards. The last time I had a clear connection was in 1973. It was called a bone phone due to the shape of the receiver. It was a breakthrough in...

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Rebel Without A Cork

"That had better not be tequila," the customs agent spat as she looked at the bottle of tequila in Laura's hand. "No, it's not," I dearly wanted to say. "It's a special hammer to hit rude people on the head. Want to see how it works?" But I'm afraid of customs people,...

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#@%*ing Snakes!

It rained hard. For days. A record, they say. Noah-style. The drought is ended, just like that. When the sun shone down again, all manner of God's creatures crept forth from their shelters. The neighborhood bunnies, whom I write about often, marched right up to me for...

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You Called?

Dear Micksters, I was at Blockbuster yesterday. As I was paying for my movies the store phone rang, and the clerk did the unthinkable: "Can you hold please?" and he finished checking me out. "Whoa. Did you just put that customer on hold to wait on me?" I was stunned....

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Mayday! Mayday!

Dear Micksters, Does anyone know why, when a plane is going down, the pilot is supposed to yell into the radio, "Mayday! Mayday!"? Wouldn't it make more sense to yell "Crashing?" Or scream "Holy-Sweet-Mother-Of-All-Things-That-Bounce..." It's bad to have to remember a...

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