Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Birth Order

I am my mother's fifth child. There are six. The firstborn, my eldest brother, is only seven years older than I. That's how cute my mom is. My little sister is ten years younger. I think it took ten years before it became apparent to my parents that they hadn't gotten...

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Pillow Flight

I fell down the stairs. It wasn't my first time. I have long feet, and my brain is far from them. Once or twice I've overshot a step, my foot slipped off, and my skeleton made that brrrrink! marimba sound as I went down the wooden stairs on my back. This time was...

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One-Eyed Jim

Today is Jimmy's birthday.I first met him when I bought the building that was to become Mick's Music & Bar. There are apartments above, and he was a tenant. I thought I should introduce myself, and knocked. Apparently very few people knock on his door. He opened it...

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