Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Filler Material

Thanksgiving is fun for me because no one has figured out how to sell it. There are no Thanksgiving carols to endure, no only-sixty-shopping-days-til-Thanksgiving, not even Thanksgiving cards to keep track of. Essentially, family and friends just gather to cook a...

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That Blows

I thought my neighbor's house was on fire. Yellow smoke twisted up in a violent, angry spiral. My heart sank, imagining these poor people homeless on Thanksgiving. I imagined the irony: it was probably their holiday cooking that started the blaze. But no fire. I got...

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My kitchen lightswitch was making crackly noises. Sort of like a bowl of Rice Krispies, if anyone even knows what they sound like anymore. Maybe they don't even sound the same —I haven't heard them in decades. I'm getting lost already and I haven't finished my first...

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Now That’s Scary

Halloween isn't just a holiday, it's a bloody knife stuck in the back of autumn. Once it passes, things die off fast.It's only a week later, but I feel winter lurking behind every miserable tree. The kids in my neighborhood were pretty good about dressing up this...

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