Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Elected By a Hair

I've never been much of a joiner or Rotarian or anything. I'm not good at meetings because the people who enjoy talking the most tend to have the least to say, and I have a dangerously low regard for human life. But attending a Democratic Party Fundraiser last week...

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The Naked Truth

My sister Jodi and I were promised we would see a nude beach, so we kept our eyes peeled. We were hiking along a narrow, rocky ridge following the Italian coastline high above the Ligurian Sea. It was a perfect vantage point for peeking. It was midafternoon when we...

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The Phantom Ring

I talk about my cell phone a lot. It's not that I'm a Luddite—I've used cell phones since we first tried to pronounce Nokia. My first phone was about the size of a circus hot dog. I had it until it was run over by a hearse.I miss it. The little 1x1" screen got...

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Gimme A Hand

My neighbor, Matt, is getting famous. He makes big bronze sculptures in his studio next to Mick's, my bar. I go over there all the time to see what he's up to and to avoid doing my own work. A while ago he asked me if I would model for one of his statues. I...

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