Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Awesome Powers

I sometimes daydream about having superpowers. We all do. I've discussed it with friends, and I am surprised at how varied our dreams are.One friend wants to be flat as a pancake, so she can slip under doors. Another wants to transform into any of a variety of lawn...

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A Routine Examination

I have a lot on my mind. I think it is full. For every new thing I cram in, something spills out. It makes me look stupid. I have to consider the possibility that I actually am stupid. But it sounds so much better to say I have a lot on my mind. I feel more important...

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Special Education

When I was a kid I thought half the world was retarded. Indeed, I was half right. I can't even start this train of thought without derailing to urge the six of you who are offended at the word "retarded" to please remember that when I was five years old, "retarded"...

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The Big Bang

I quizzed a few kids about the connection between July 4th and why we blow stuff up. Not a single one mentioned anything about the symbolism of war and the cost of freedom. (One did complain about the cost of bottle rockets.) The significance to them was that after a...

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You Name It

"My name is spelled "Richart," she said. "I bet you can't pronounce it."Me, Mr. International Guy. Me, who can speak in a great French accent, even though I can't speak any French, except to say Il y a un monde dans le balcon, which means "the balcony is full."...

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