Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Hail Mary

It happened yesterday. I gazed out my window like I always do when I'm trying to do anything but work, and the Virgin Mary appeared in my driveway. I guess she didn't exactly appear—I just noticed her face in the coloration of the concrete. Plain as day, sober as an...

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We Like Change

I voted for change on November 4th, and I got it. Actually, every candidate had "change" in their slogan this year. Obama: "Change We Can Believe In." McCain: "Change is Coming." Nadar: "Can You Spare Some Change?" Ron Paul: "Love You—Never Change." But you won't...

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Here You Go

Do you want to hear my analysis of this historic Election Day? Me either. Not that I don't care. I've cared so much since January that I had to put on a helmet and just wait this day out: play some guitar, drink some wine, wait until it's over. So instead I'll go to...

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