Michael Campbell

Story Time.

A Close Shave

In the beginning, there were the original twins, born of the original sin. Maggie's cow-like black and white spots caught the green eye of a marauding black tom, who drug her away by the scruff into the bushes, where she apparently enjoyed the unspeakable.A litter...

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In One Ear

Q-tips: the crack of the hygiene world. Sticking a Q-tip in your ear buzzes synapses like being kissed on the back of the neck. Except being kissed on the back of the neck is perfectly good for you, as long as you are not being kissed by someone else’s wife. Something...

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Break a Leg

Laura is an actor, and was recently in a very significant play. Big stage, good role, full house. Friends lined up to wish her "good luck!" "Aaack! Never say 'good luck' to an actor!" she'd reply in wide-eyed alarm. "It's bad luck. Say 'break a leg.'" "Sorry," the...

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