Michael Campbell

Story Time.

For Sheets and Giggles

For the last twenty years I have lived more or less independently. I do my own cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, gardening, car repairs, and home improvement. If I were in Home Ec., I think I would get a B+. I do not deserve an A because, for the love of all things...

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The Orange Lobster Fungus of Death

While hiking last weekend we noticed a few other little groups of people lurking around, all carrying little garbage bags. When people walk my neighborhood with little garbage bags, they are usually accompanied by their dogs, and my mind closes at the thought. But...

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All Washed Up

You're not going to wash your face with that, are you?" "What—it's soap." "Soap isn't meant for your face. It's too harsh." "I've been using soap on my face for forty- . . . um, thirty-five years." "Well, you always say that my skin is soft, and I'm just telling you,...

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Get Away

People once dressed up go to to the airport. I'm told they used to primp for the train station too. Former elite hangouts, now you go in flip-flops and pajamas designed to get the most out of a stranger's pat-down. We take vacations to relieve stress, which we load up...

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