Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Le Bark

I'm learning a new language.I worked hard at Spanish. I learned a lot of words. But the Spanish speak in such a machine-gun monotone that no matter what they say, I respond with, "¿Excúseme?"Italian was much easier. The words were about the same as in Spanish so I had...

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For Good Measure

Recipes used to be simpler: Hit pigeon with rock Pull off feathers Hold over fire until inside temperature reaches ow. Our ancestors learned the feather trick after some trial and error. Then came the invention of tools. Cooks, touchy about the fact that up until then...

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I like riding my bike, because I like to dress up in the outfit. Anybody looks tougher in black: black biking pants, black leather mesh gloves, black sunglasses. My bike is silver, because I wasn't thinking ahead.I used to have a purple Sting-Ray. It had one speed....

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I am a sell-out

The book release party last Thursday was among the most exciting nights of my life. So nervous I couldn't breathe. The room filled with awesome people. Jeff, Katie, Vern and the Korey band all gave fantastic performances.And we sold out of books! Yay for me, and yay...

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The Orienteer

I took an orienteering class in college. Orienteering is walking around with a compass, faster than everybody else. Someone tells you which way to go, and how far. Sort of like the Army, without the haircut.For one of our exams, we were instructed to drop a dime in...

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