Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Do It in Dubai

Warren Buffett is among the richest men in the world. But besides playing the ukelele, he doesn't appear to be having much fun. We in Nebraska love him for that. Midwesterners are known for helping you up if you suffer misfortune, and if you suffer too much fortune,...

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Space Age Technology

I can't remember the last time I was bored. I used to get bored every day. Eventually I would dream up something to amuse myself, after my mind had idled so long that it hallucinated itself into a creative frenzy. I'd go outside and build dirt roads for my Tonka...

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Pink Week

It’s early, but Pink Week is upon us. Pink Week is that first string of warm days when the snow melts and the ground dries, grass threatens with a hint of green, tree branches boast swollen, horny buds, and people start walking around with their shirts off, offering...

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Hey There, Cowboy

What do you do when you find out your best friend has been keeping the biggest, juiciest secret ever from you for years?Why hadn’t he ever told me? It‘s not like I’d publish it in a blog or anything.My plan for January was to sell the bar, then take a long weekend...

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Molding Opinions

Before the dawn of refrigerators, back when humans made ice cubes by banging chunks of glacier against their foreheads, leftover food storage options were simpler. You either 1) ate it, 2) it rotted, or 3) it rotted and you ate it anyway. This is how we discovered...

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