Michael Campbell

Story Time.

I’m A Dad!

Right now, in my back yard, six tiny rabbits are nursing under their mom, who is spread out long as a baguette. Their nest is hidden under leaves in my garden, which is only appropriate since they'll all end up in my garden anyway.Their ears are translucent as a...

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Brain Oil

I have Ironic Memory. I remember I don't have my keys at the exact moment I pull the locked door shut behind me. I remember I was supposed to bring wine to the party the minute I arrive. This morning I remembered, at about the time I knew my coffee would be finished...

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Obama Outing

I attended a state Democratic caucus a while back, to help choose my next president. It was Nebraska's first caucus, and my first as an ex-Republican. The faces were different—younger, bright-eyed, hipper. Maybe not the people I'd want managing my IRA, but definitely...

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About Face

I'm vindictive on the inside maybe, but usually not on the outside. I blow stuff off if I can. Lash, someone I considered a friend, just sent out an email accusing me of landing him in jail. Some of his friends are my friends too, and they're asking me, "How could you...

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