Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Puss Out

Am I qualified to write about cats? I sure thought so. I'm well into my second generation, having seen twins Libby and Putz through their seventeen-year stint from birth to garden. I have to struggle to remember their unmarked graves, lest I pay them a surprise visit...

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Dash to The Finish

Last week I posted a photo of that beautiful bruised leg of Flying Wallenda Woman. I don't think she was exactly thrilled, but man, it's a bruise to be proud of. While trying to find a video to explain what a "pitchpole" was, I lost about three hours of productive...

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Ahoy, Matey!

Sailors get to yell a lot, which makes them sound important. "Avast! Mast a-beam! Yer wimmin or yer beer!"They also have a different word for everything. A turn is a tack, unless it's a gybe. Front, middle, back = bow, beam, stern. It makes skippers seem smarter than...

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Mr. Know-It-All

The last time I performed at Mick's, it was kind of weird. I work there. My day started with booking some performers and designing ads. I dropped in on a radio show to do a short interview and played one of my songs. On the way to Mick's I picked up some groceries for...

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