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by | Aug 5, 2008 | Uncategorized

The last time I performed at Mick’s, it was kind of weird.

I work there. My day started with booking some performers and designing ads. I dropped in on a radio show to do a short interview and played one of my songs. On the way to Mick’s I picked up some groceries for the bar. I set up my own sound because the regular tech was sick. I bartended while the staff took a break, then I went up and did my show. After that I took out the garbage.

Nothing does more to keep me from getting a big head than taking out the garbage. Every single time I do it I think, “Ah, yes—my dad mentioned something about this regarding my philosophy degree.”

In a way it is fun to be so involved. But I do wonder what it might be like for the other artists who show up, play to strangers, do an encore and drive away into the darkness. It looks attractive from my end—especially when I’m taking out the garbage while they’re loading up to leave, smoking cigarettes and talking about the women they met—but judging by how they usually look when they first arrive, touring is no bed of roses either. They certainly don’t smell like roses, anyway.

This Friday I get to creep back on stage, this time with 5 Story Fall frontman Pat Gehrman and OEA-award winner Tim Wildsmith for an in-the-round show. The soundman has already called in sick. I know that for the two hours I’m on stage with those guys, I’ll feel like a big shot. And somewhere in between fixing a blown fuse and plunging out the plugged toilet, I’ll give the best performance I can.


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