Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Did I Call You?

My friends have been worried about me lately. I've been calling them at odd hours, often late at night, leaving voiceless messages. But's not me, I swear. My cell phone is possessed. At first it was just inconvenient. I'd open my phone to use it, and before I touched...

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Love Skills

After spending enough money on therapy to have bought a decent sports car, I learned that I try to buy love. Indeed, a lot of people do. The theory goes something like this: we know ourselves well enough to realize that, if you knew us too, we have no clue why you...

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We are ruined. It happens this time every year, and today is the day. Temps rise past sixty and your entire body clock adjusts to spring weather with one ratcheting twist of attitude.A week ago if it got down to ten degrees you'd think, "It's Nebraska. I'm tough....

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The Audacity of Change

I used to flick through 99 TV channels, marveling that I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch. In disbelief I'd go for another spin. No, I don't love Raymond, I'm not buying any imitation jewelry, I'm frightened by Japanese-speaking chefs competing with sharp...

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