Michael Campbell

Story Time.

I Ain’t Scared

I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but when I like something I tend to do it over and over. It makes me very predictable, but I'm okay with that, because I'm routinely doing happy things. I love Halloween because 1) I cling to childishness, 2) I get to dress...

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Auto Matic

When I was a kid I watched a TV show about a guy from about a hundred years past who was (I forget how) resurrected in modern times. There were lots of madcap moments as he tried to figure out them newfangled gadgets. Think Cave Man with better hair. Even now I often...

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The Rain Man

Two weeks ago I wrote about my ability to make it rain. (Click here for scholarly review.) It turns out that, although it rains on me a lot, it might not be because of me. I'm kind of disappointed about that. It was fun to feel like Master of Something, even if it was...

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All The Right Moves

Two years ago I awoke in the middle of the night to hear someone coming up the creaky stairs to my bedroom. Over time I've given house keys to quite a few people, so I thought it was wise to not grab the trusty ball bat I keep by my bed and start pummeling in the...

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Fire And Rain

I have the power to make it rain. No dancing required —which is good because I'm Scottish. All I have to do is go camping. (I swear, just typing that sentence it started pouring outside. I'm that good.) My neighbor came over Sunday afternoon. "You sure do take good...

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Follow The Leader

I love America, I do, for lots of contradictory reasons. I'm just now in the middle of watching a deathly serious PBS documentary on World War II, recounting the sacrifices some made for our individual freedom. And I'm surrounded by playful, lighthearted goofballs who...

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