Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Voting with the Stars

It's an odd election year. Maybe you didn't even know it was an election year.Omaha is odd anyway. We vote for our mayor during odd numbered years when everyone else's yards are free from bright red and blue yard signs, thick as spring dandelions. But this year offers...

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Of Mice and Me

Through my high school years I did laundry at a motel. Every day I washed every sheet from every bed. I was a fast folder, and my reward was to have a few minutes between each load to do absolutely nothing but watch the huge drums of the gas dryers twirl. It was all...

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Pet Peeve

I grew up with a little black dog. I don’t know what kind she was, and I don’t care. She wasn’t my dog—she was in the house before I was, and she always looked at me as if to say, “Who let you in?”Her name was Eenie, as in “Meenie Minie Moe,” which were the names of...

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We Deliver

I was married once. It was a long time ago. We got pregnant 18 months later. I don’t goof around. The hospital where we were scheduled to deliver made us take a childbirth class. There were four sessions, one per week, with six other couples of the usual variety: some...

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