Michael Campbell

Story Time.

For Good Measure

Recipes used to be simpler:       1. Hit pigeon with rock       2. Pull off feathers       3. Hold over fire until inside temperature reaches ow. The feather touch? That was added after some trial and error. Next came the invention of tools. Cave-man cooks, sensitive...

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Just Skating By

The last time I rollerskated was in 1975. I fell a lot. A fat kid ran over my finger. Everyone seemed cooler than me, some spinning tricks in the center of the circle like Peggy Fleming with sledgehammer shoes. So when a gang of friends invited me to join them at...

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Pink Day

Happy Pink Day. Pink Day is not on the calendar. It is dependent entirely on the weather. The first sunny, warm day in spring, after the snow has melted and grass starts prying itself up from being smashed face down in the mud, is Pink Day. Tree branches swell with...

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Naked Power

My stairs are squeaky. When you walk up or down them, it sounds like an army of marching ducks. I don't notice the sound. The house I grew up in had squeaky stairs too. I suppose it kept me from sneaking out at night, though I never had anyhwere to go. I awoke with a...

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A Night at the Opera

The first thing I noticed about the opera was that the entire theater staff was smiling. From the elderly doorman in his smart braided jacket that he might have inherited from Michael Jackson, to the ticket takers grinning as if they had daughters to pawn off, big...

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