Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Model Behavior

My mom is selling her house. She and dad bought it in 1961, and began raising five, then six kids in it. I was two years old when we arrived; I never knew any other home. She lived there for 48 years. My lasting contribution to the home was a big orange stain of...

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A Bang Up Job

They call it The Peanut.But it's a peanut that's 230 feet wide and 90 feet across. By my calculations it would make 37,000 jars of peanut butter, except that everybody has driven all over it and it is made of concrete.Technically, the Peanut is a roundabout, in a...

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In The Bag

I would get home, peel out of my Halloween costume and toss it aside. I'd lean up against the heavy wooden door of my closet, and peer into my bag of loot. Gripping the paper bag by the string handles, I opened it wide and put my face inside, taking a long, deep...

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