Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Get Out

There was a bit of grumbling as I drove to my bar this morning to shovel off another half-inch of snow. "At least if it's going to snow," a voice inside me said, "at least make it worthwhile." Immediately another voice in me whacked the first voice across the back of...

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Mating Call

I love documentaries. As you know from my writing, the real world is entertaining enough for me. Planet Earth is a nature series that I don't get to see because I cancelled my cable channels in a ferocious fit of commercial rebellion. That'll teach 'em. I'm sure the...

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Take A Shot

My first cappuccino came from Peet's. It was my first buzz. My ears rang. Birds sang. The cloudy skies of San Francisco opened and I heard the singing voice of God. When my kids want to give me a present, they know I'll always squeal over a bag of beans from Peet's...

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