Michael Campbell

Story Time.

The Wrap Artist

Just days before Christmas Foul weather is pending Rain into ice into snow neverending I try to wrap presents. For hours I linger Could tape stick to anything else but my finger? Of all of life's mysteries, I want to know: To save our own lives, why can't men tie a...

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Routine Maintenance

It's freezing in the room. I get out of my warm bed; the dog stays behind. He used to jump up whenever I budged, following my every step as if I had bacon for feet. By now he has figured out I'm just going to the bathroom and that I'll be back to get dressed. He knows...

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That’s Snow Biz

A blizzard was coming. I was waxing up my old sled, the red paint on its metal runners rubbed off by dry patches. My mother was looking at my thin tan jacket, the sleeves closer to my elbows than my wrists after another growth spurt. "We need to get you a new...

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Fly Free!

Special offer for today only from my distributor, Lulu.com: order Are You Going To Eat That (just click on the blue "Buy Now" button under the book at right) and get an immediate discount equal to the shipping cost. So basically, free shipping. Enter the coupon code...

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The Boxer

Boxed wine used to be the equivalent of "cheese food product." What it lacked in edibility, it made up in volume. There has been an ongoing evolution in wine packaging, not always for the better. For starters, they tried replacing the cork, offering a whitewash of...

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