Michael Campbell

Story Time.

Going Down

Whenever I search using Google, it presents me two helpful Tips of The Day. They are random. Today's tips:1) How To Land an Airplane in an Emergency2) How To Make an Origami Picture FrameI shouldn't try to find a relationship between the two, but it's my nature to...

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Don’t Call Me Rich

This morning on the radio I heard the hundredth interview with someone who lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff. The man complained viciously that now, after years of careful planning, he might be forced to work. I tried to be sympathetic. Let's say you had a baby bunny...

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What A Doll

Happy Birthday Barbie! She turned 50 yesterday. That makes her a Pisces: intuitive, creative, and prone to addictions, but you can tell that by looking at her. She looks great, though—far younger than her years—which often is the case with people who are injected with...

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Go Fish

I am dazzled by gear and distracted by shiny things, so you can imagine that I took to fishing like a fish to water. I could spend an hour just watching the precise mechanism of a spinning reel methodically wind line onto its spool like a spider retracting a web. I...

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